We believe every resident of Spokane County has a right to respectful and prompt service from the Clerk's office without discrimination/prejudice.


We believe in responsible stewardship of the people's funds & seeking efficiency without cutting experienced staff or sacrificing quality service.


We believe equality before the law is an indispensable principle. The Clerk's office serves to ensure equitable & just due process for all.

Campaign Finance

We will only accept donations from American citizens & residents. Corporations, which owe a fiduciary duty to their owners, will always seek a quid pro quo. Michael Kirk will only serve the people of Spokane County.


Despite any future discriminatory federal action on what constitutes a family, the Clerk's office must honor the highest law, the Constitution, and not hinder any family's adoption proceeding or recording.

Data Security

The 2016 changeover to the Odyssey data system is still not accomplished two years later. Steps still need to be taken to increase ease-of-access and ensure continuity of service for computerbased operations. Furthermore, digitized sealed court records need cybersecurity investment or they’re essentially not sealed at all.

Housing Justice/Rents

Rents are rising in Spokane, Cheney, and elsewhere in the county at unconscionable rates, forcing residents from their homes, sometimes even families with newborn children. I will work with the SRLJC, the county commissioners, city councils, legislators, and anyone else I can to find solutions to this growing problem.

Justice Policy

I support the creation of a Spokane Regional Justice Commission to make evidence-based policy recommendations to complement and drive the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council’s mission to improve the operation of the law and justice systems in Spokane County.

Latah Creek

Latah Creek has been called “Hangman” Creek for a century, celebrating public executions of local Native Americans. Rectifying this situation does not appear to have been a priority for the Clerk or most of local government. I will file with the US Board of Geographic Names to end confusion and recognize the ancient and proper name.


The elimination of the Deputy Clerk position was terrible mismanagement for the sake of saving the county commissioners money. As Clerk, I will identify prime candidates and restore this critical operational position as soon as possible.

Legal Financial Obligation (LFO) Reform

At present 6,000-10,000 persons may be eligible for discharge of interest on their LFOs. Progress on this work can happen much sooner and more swiftly once the 2016 database project is finally completed. Despite LFO reform supposedly being a priority for four years, the situation remains largely unchanged. As financial strain is a significant contributor to recidivism, this project is a high priority for me, and as soon as possible, staffing will be dedicated to effecting it.


Domestic and adoption fees are among the highest the Clerk collects. The Clerk should seek ways to ease this burden for disproportionately impoverished populations such as single-parent households


Our local prisons are overcrowded, and there appears to have been some financial malfeasance. Given that 50% of our current population in detainment are in pre-trial confinement, it is doubtful that scheduling of courts and judges is running optimally. Further, given that longer stays in lockup tend to lead to higher rates of reoffending, the systems at play need further evaluation and reform sooner than later. To date, the MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge and its accompanying grant has been without an administrator for two months. The SRLJC needs to accomplish this hire so that it can accomplish any immediate meaningful reform.

School-to-Prison Pipeline

Despite abundant educational opportunities, Spokane Public Schools still suffer from less than optimal student outcomes. This may very well be due to overly punitive disciplinary approaches. I intend to work with all the Spokane County school districts to identify failing strategies and end the school-to-prison pipeline through greater investment in counseling, social work, and other student-oriented strategies.

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